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    Refer a friend and earn up to $250

    Share the power to make anything and share the wealth. Earn up to $175 for yourself and $75 for your friends when you recommend Autodesk software to your network.

    Or sign in to your Autodesk Referral Program account.

    How the Autodesk referral program works

    • Step 1: Create your link

      Click on “Recommend Autodesk” at the top of the page to generate your personalized recommendation link.

    • Step 2: Refer a friend

      Copy and paste your recommendation link or share it via email, WhatsApp, or Facebook.

    • Step 3: Earn rewards

      When your friend purchases an Autodesk product, your reward will be on its way.


    Per successful recommendation*

    Reward for you
    Reward for your friend
    Fusion 360 annual subscription      Now included
    AutoCAD annual & multi-year subscription
    AutoCAD LT annual & multi-year subscription
    Maya annual annual & multi-year subscription
    Maya LT annual & multi-year subscription
    3ds Max annual & multi-year subscription
    Revit LT Suite annual & multi-year subscription
    Architecture, Engineering & Construction collection
    Product Design & Manufacturing collection
    Media & Entertainment collection
    All other eligible Autodesk products***

    *Rewards are given only for purchases of annual & multi-year subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions are excluded from the referral program.

    **Rewards are given per order and not per product subscription purchase. The use of additional vouchers may lead to a reduction or even a rejection of the reward.

    ***For a full list of eligible products, click here.

    Autodesk Referral Program Terms & Conditions

    Frequently asked questions

    • Which Autodesk products are eligible for refer-a-friend incentives?

      Products eligible for the refer-a-friend program include:

      3ds Max
      Alias Concept
      Alias Surface
      Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection
      AutoCAD Architecture
      AutoCAD Electrical
      AutoCAD for Mac
      AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite
      AutoCAD LT
      AutoCAD LT for Mac
      AutoCAD Map 3D
      AutoCAD Mechanical
      AutoCAD MEP
      AutoCAD OEM
      AutoCAD P&ID
      AutoCAD Plant 3D
      AutoCAD Raster Design
      AutoCAD Revit LT Suite
      Character Generator
      Civil 3D
      Fusion 360
      Fusion Team
      Helius Composite
      Inventor LT
      Maya LT
      Media & Entertainment Collection
      Navisworks Manage
      Navisworks Simulate
      Netfabb Premium
      Netfabb Standard
      Product Design & Manufacturing Collection
      ReCap Pro
      Revit LT
      VRED Design
      VRED Presenter
      VRED Professional
    • Can I use additional vouchers with this offer?

      Rewards are given per order and not per product subscription purchase. The use of additional vouchers may lead to a reduction or even a rejection of the reward.

    • How will I receive my reward?

      As soon as the amount of confirmed rewards has reached the minimum amount of 1 Euro (or 1 GBP, 1 CHF, 1 USD, as the case may be), you can demand payment of your rewards in tour account. Payments are exclusively made by wire transfer to accounts at banks within the SEPA-region (“single euro payments area”) or via the payment service PayPal. You may incur fees charged by PayPal or your bank, in particular if you wish payment in a currency other than Euro or the local currency of the SEPA member country where your bank is located.

      For full details, please see the general terms and conditions.

    • Are there limitations on where I can post my referral link?

      You may send recommendations via email, Facebook messages, etc. using the Aklamio Service only to those persons and/or companies, which have expressly consented to receiving such recommendations from You. You must comply with all commercial email (“spam”) laws that are applicable to you. You may not use links generated by Aklamio in an indecent or inappropriate manner. In particular, you may not (i) copy or post or advertise such links on racist, pornographic, violent or discriminatory websites or websites harmful to minors, or (ii) make use of LayerAd, ForcedClick, or similar methods.

      For full details, please see the general terms and conditions.

    • Where can I get technical support?

      You may send an email to customer-service@aklamio.com if you have questions about the program, need help with your reward, or would like a reward status update.

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