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    Creative project management software

    Shotgun is software that simplifies creative project management and unifies visual effects (VFX), animation, and games teams of all sizes.

    Connect your creative team with Shotgun

    Manage productions smoothly, no matter how many teams, artists, projects, or assets (or how far apart they are).


    Every aspect of production lives centrally in Shotgun, not buried in email or spread across spreadsheets, apps, and tools. See status and latest versions at all times.


    Always know who’s working on what, and when tasks are scheduled to start and finish. Proactively fill gaps and handle unexpected changes with ease.


    Having accurate data on past projects helps with planning, staffing, and estimating, so you can bid aggressively on new projects.

    Shotgun for project management

    Four reasons why your production studio needs Shotgun

    Learn how Shotgun can help you manage projects, iterate faster, collaborate more efficiently with your entire team, and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

    Beyond the Wall: The story of six studios behind Game of Thrones

    Find out how six studios behind HBO’s epic Game of Thrones managed hundreds of assets, shots, and artists, raising the bar for VFX in TV.

    Tutorial: Getting started with production tracking in Shotgun

    Learn how to set up your first project in Shotgun and begin tracking shots and assets, and scheduling your crew to tasks.

    Game developers organize projects with Shotgun

    AAA game developers stay on track with Shotgun

    Ubisoft, EA Sports, and Crystal Dynamics use Shotgun to address crucial challenges in their studio pipelines.

    Shotgun software free trial

    Try Shotgun for free

    Test out the full, unlimited version of Shotgun for 30 days.


    Customer stories

    Explore customer stories and interviews featuring creative teams around the world using Shotgun.

    Shotgun Blog

    Stay up to date on the latest product news and updates.

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