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    Product Design

    Design and build great products

    The way products are designed and built is changing rapidly. We can provide you with the right tools and workflows for each step of the product design and development process. Avoid warranty issues and boost the performance of your products while broadening your capacity for innovation. We can help you win more bids while making your products the best they can be.

    Benefits of our product innovation platform

    The Autodesk product innovation platform lets you more effectively design products, as well as manage product lifecycles. The platform helps you:

    • Reduce warranty issues

      Prevent product failure with simulation. Improve performance with data from the field (Internet of Things).

    • Increase opportunities for innovation

      Address the challenges in your innovation strategy so you can focus on improvements.

    • Improve product performance

      Reduce weight, minimize material or shipping costs, and create product designs based on inputs and objectives.

    • Win more bids

      We assess your bidding processes, and apply technology and best practices to improve bid accuracy.

    Your industry

    Automotive Manufacturing

    Help save money and time during automotive product development. Visualization and simulation tools reduce the need for physical models. Predict product behavior early, to produce a higher-quality product for automotive suppliers. Increase flexibility for production equipment design and factory planning.

    Building Products, Equipment & Fabrication

    Improve bidding profitability, reduce costly errors, and promote better collaboration by demonstrating how your validated building product design will work in your client’s architectural context. Deliver BIM-ready content and compelling 3D sales presentations.

    Industrial Equipment

    Highly regarded industrial equipment companies design, simulate, visualize, and manage their products digitally to help establish competitive advantage. Our solutions help at every stage of the product design and development process by streamlining workflows and collaboration between multidisciplinary teams.

    Manufacturing trends

    • The future of manufacturing: Making things in a changing world

      The manufacturing landscape is undergoing a massive collective shift. Consumer demands, the nature of products, and the economics of production and distribution are evolving.

    • Sunkist Research

      Find out how Sunkist cut manufacturing time for the Sun Pack high-speed packer by 66%, while doubling the machine's throughput.

    • The expanded role of the engineer: Why people skills matter

      Being a technically astute engineer is not enough. You need to engage a broad range of stakeholders to develop well-rounded design solutions—and that calls for strong communication skills.

    Product Design & Manufacturing Collection

    Get an essential set of connected, professional-grade design and engineering tools for product and factory design.

    Future of Making Things

    Our product innovation platform offers a next-generation approach to design, engineering, and manufacturing for product development.

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